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Digital Magazine Albums - Cover Features

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Digitial Magazine Album Definition

"Indent" refers to a recessed square or rectangle that is cut & pressed into the album cover material.A self adhesive panel is provided to mount a small image that fits into this space.Multiple indents can create an attractive ,elegant feature to compliment the cover.

  • Available only in Genuine leather & Bonded leather covers.
  • Available in any size that fits within the confines of the cover.
Digital Magazine Album Covers

 "Foil Embossing" refers to foil printing that is embossed onto the front cover or inside cover lining.A traditional way of having Bride & Grooms Names & Wedding date on the cover or a studio logo.

  • Available in Silver,Black & Gold
  • To suit a 6x4 print
  • Times Roman 28pt font
  • Studio logo would require artwork and a foiling block to be made.

Cover Features

 "Cameos" are an oval metal frame set into the cover of the album so that a  print can slide down behind to present a single image on the cover.

  • Available in Silver,Black,Gold
  •  A more traditional feature of the album cover
  • Sized to suit a 6x4 image

Digitial Magazine Album Definition

 A "Window" is a 80mmx55mm cut in an Aluminium or Wood album cover.The image is mounted into the window with a self adhesive panel similar to indents.

  • Only available in 80mmx55mm
Gatefolds and Flipouts

 "Wrought Iron Posts" are a decorative feature to add effect to your wooden album.Usually 2 posts are attatched to the spine side if the cover for effect.