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Pin Hinge Albums - Gatefolds

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"Gatefolds" are an effective feature of a Magazine Page that is created to hide images behind folding panels creating an element of surprise.

  • Inside the gatefold is a hidden single page base with folding wings out to the left & right
  • Once closed,the front 2 panels come together to join 2 sides of an image.
  • Fantastic as an opening introduction page.
  • It is not recomended that you have too many gatefolds in each album.
  • In order to avoid interrupting the flush style of the pages,avoid gatefolds in the middle of the album.
  • Gatefolds should always be positioned on the right page side,as left side causes it to fall open while turning the page.
  • We must be advised at the time of ordering exactly which pages are to have a gatefold.
Digital Magazine Album Covers

"Flip Outs" and "Flip Ups" are another effective way to present hidden images. You can create a flow on effect running across 4 sides in one visual. 

  • Flip Ups - Fold Upwards
  • Flip Outs -Fold Outwards
  • We must be advised at the time of ordering, which pages have a flip up /or out.