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Photo Art Albums - Cover Choices

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Digitial Magazine Album Definition

"Genuine Leather" Photo Art album covers are made using "A" grade Natural hide and are available in 9 different colours.

Digital Magazine Album Covers

"Aluminium" Photo Art Album Covers are made with "A Grade" Aluminium that is fully Linished & Anodised for long term protection.

  • Available in Silver Aluminium only.
  • See colour swatches for available colours.

Cover Features

"Acrylic" Photo Art Album Covers are  Bound using Black Genuine Leather & a 4.75mm shinkolite Acrylic face.A Metallic print is permanently facemounted to the back side of the clear Acryilic to present a personalised Cover that is unique.


Digitial Magazine Album Definition

"Wooden" Photo Art Album Covers are made using Quality New Zealand Rimu & Mahogany Wood.

  • Rimu - is a Light Sandy Beachwood Finish
  • Mahogany -is a Darker Redwood Finish
  • See colour swatches for available colours.
Gatefolds and Flipouts

"Laminated Picture Cover" Photo Art Albums are made using a Lustre photo print that has been Laminated with a Textured Clear Film for Protection.The Print is then Wrapped around the Cover Board to provide a Unique Front Cover Effect.


Full Service

"Bonded Leather" Photo Art Album Covers are a more Economical Option to the more Expensive "Genuine Leather".They have a Leathergrain Print that makes it Difficult to tell the difference.

Boxes and Cases

"Suede" Photo Art Albums are made using a Polyester Immitation Suede.Very Soft & Luxurious,there are a Wide Range of Colours Available.


"Metallic Paper" Photo Art Album covers are made using a Wallpaper like material.Available in a range of Colours & Textures.


 "Vinyl" Album Covers are made with a very durable leatherlike material available in 5 different covers.