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Bookbound Albums

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Bookbound Album

Bookbound Albums are characterised by reinforced page edges and Metal Page Corners. Unlike Pin Hinge Albums they are not refillable and are made to order with the required page quantity. The photographer can assemble this album quite easily, however we do offer an assembly service for an extra charge. Bookbound Albums can be ordered without these edges and corners, however all pages must be mounted by Miniwide, for this to be possible.
Bookbound 2Cover choices include:   
  • Genuine Leather
  • Aluminium
  • Acrylic
  • Rimu and Mahogany Wood
  • Laminated Picture Cover
  • Bonded Leathers
  • Suede
  • Metalic Papers

Bookbound 3

Various Cover Features are available on request:
  • Indents
  • Foil Embossing 
  • Oval Cameos
  • Windows in Aluminium or Wood
  • Wrought Iron Posts
Bookbound 4

Bookbound Pages can be ordered with :

  • Black or White Base Board (White - by request only).
  • Black or White taped Edges, or no edge.
  • Black, Silver or Gold Metal corners or No Corners.
  • Overlay Matts Adhese onto these base pages ,to frame the images.

Bookbound 5

Bookbound Matts are available in the following choices:

  • 1000mic - Black on White Core ( Thick Bevelled )
  • 1000mic - White on Black Core ( Thick Bevelled )
  • 1000mic - Black on Black Core ( Thick Bevelled )
  • 1000mic - White on White Core ( Thick Bevelled )
  • 675mic - Black on White Core ( Thin Bevelled )
  • 380gsm - Black textured ( Thinner -Not Bevelled )
  • 380gsm  - Black Smooth ( Thinner -Not Bevelled )
  • 280gsm - White Cottage ( Thinner -Not Bevelled )

For Edge to Edge print size to mount on top of matt:

  • Click on this image to the left. 
  • Matts are thumnailed as per Album size in "inches".
  • Millimeter Dimension shown below "album size" is the correct sizing for print to mount flush on top of the matt.
  • Do not print the inch album size.It is not an acurate measurement of the matt face area.


 Bookbound 6
  • Gatefolds
  • Flip outs
Bookbound 7


  • Solid black boxes
  • Vinyl Carry cases